Suchita has great knowledge of the market and the technical analysis approach.


I wish her all the best ..... Shrikant M Bhat


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- Shrikant Bhat

Suchita is great adviser, as she is always on the lookout for the best opportunities for your money to grow. In the last 6 months, she has helped me plan my portfolio in a very efficiently. I would definitely recommend her to all those who need a keen manager for their fortune.


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- Miskil Dharmadhikari
Group Account Manager at Interface Communications

Thought leader with global experience in building scalable businesses & profit maximization. Startups, Tech, Mobile mktg


Suchita knows the art of investing and we trust her advice to grow our family’s wealth. She is accurate with her research and provides strategy that leverages our assets for optimal gain in any market condition. A thorough professional, she manages our wealth with integrity and honesty. She is reliable and very knowledgeable in areas of life insurance, financial planning and strategic asset allocation. I highly recommend my friends and colleagues to benefit from Suchita’s wealth management services.


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- Chirag Randeria
Computer Software

My finances have always been a great mystery to me… and an even bigger mystery to my C.A. Money came in and money went out. Investments were made without rhyme or reason, usually on the advice of a friend. I lucked out on some, some needed to be got rid off in a hurry. A couple of people offered to help ‘plan’ my finances; unfortunately, after the first comprehensive analysis, they disappeared, leaving me no better informed than I was at the beginning of the exercise. And somewhere, I felt terribly betrayed… it was not my job to be an economics wiz, to figure out where to put my money and when to move it around. My strengths lay elsewhere and I needed to concentrate on that but it looked like nobody agreed with me.


Then I met Suchita Ambardekar. The first thing she told me was “You concentrate on what you do best and earn money doing it; you leave the management of your finances to me. That is not your job and should not be the cause of undue stress in your life!” This was music to my ears. Finally, it seemed that I had met somebody who was on the same wavelength as I!


And the weeks that followed that initial meeting only served to bear out my first impression. With a professional thoroughness that impressed me tremendously, Suchita systematically went through the shambles that was my financial world and came out with a clear picture of where I stood. She explained to me the pyramid of financial freedom insisting that unless the base was strong, investing wildly would mean nothing and one day could actually endanger the very edifice of my financial well-being. She worked out a long-term strategy – first creating the base for emergency planning and then laying the road-map for pension planning ,risk management and finally consolidation of growth oriented investments. I could finally see what I should have started doing 20 years ago! Suchita helped me get rid of loss making or static investments and focused me on re-investing these funds into solid, long-term benefit instruments including insurance. As the last of these investments is now being put in place, I look forward to consolidating the same and then truly trying to get my money to create some genuine wealth for me and my family.


Suchita is a determined consultant; she will not let you slip up. Patient to a fault, she will continuously remind you of what you had committed to do, even if you ignore her SMS messages countless times, till the time you finally acquiesce. Her philosophy is simple : it is your money that I am handling; it is my duty to see that you make the best use of it. This is what I wanted from my earlier ‘planners’ but did not get.


If you want your investments and financial health shipshape at all times, then Suchita Ambardekar is the person for you. All the follow-up, all the reminders…in the end, it is all worth it!”


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- Naresh Karmalker
Established Trainer, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) Professional, Appreciative Inquiry Consultant, Fund Raiser
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