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Suchita Ambardekar

Suchita Ambardekar

My First job started as a Managing Director of the Medical Equipment Company. A home care Medical Equipment Trading Company. A leading pioneer in Home Care Equipment who created the brand-Nebulisers in India.


I looked after the Accounts,Finance and logsitics…This job gave me an overview of how a company with multinational tie-up runs….I went through a perpetual problem or opportunity a business company faces that ” if you profited where to invest and if you lost how to arrange for finance”.


This one quest lead me to wonderful land of Investments and Asset class. Accounts and Finance gave a perspective on Investments in general. With that Fundamental Analysis as an analytical skill seem to be like a HAND IN GLOVE. But fundamental analysis meant lot of parameters to study.


During 1998-2005 I travelled a lot and during my subsequent trips to USA I got to hear chart based analytical skill commonly known as Technical Analysis. On reading I was amazed to know that only three parameters are required to guage an asset class, through a chart or graph is TIME, PRICE & VOLUME.


Started Investing in Indian Capital Market and was fortunate to call the top of 2000, just before the IT global crash and thus subsequent crash in Sensex..


This crash and the meltdown convinced me the illusion of “buying part of business concept” through equity participation. I was affirmed that speculative Gain or Loss in any asset class is the actual price play.
The concept of price play made me realise the importance of price turning points of that asset class be it equities, commodities or currency.


I realised that a solid analytical skill coupled with sound money managment practice and discipline of emotions is required to wade successfully through treacharous financial jungle of asset class.


Specialties:Technical Analysis gives me desired clue and cue in finding the turning point of the market (that asset class) and the profiting edge to investing… is acting on this turning point and applying superior managment skill with consistent dicipline.